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The Dispensary Mixtape – 4/20/20

Winstrong and Dj Sarge OneWise link up to create “The Dispensary Mixtape”. The mix is appropriately released on 4/20/20 with many “ganja tunes”! Most of the songs on the mixtape are brand new from the Suriname based artist Winstrong. A few selections have been released but, most of the songs have never been heard by Reggae fans! Blended properly by Sarge, the mix boasts a few dubplates, and “herb- themed” samples laced throughout. Roll one up and press play! Download today.

The Dispensary Mixtape

1. “Cup of Peace” Intro
2. Chant Down Babylon
3. Save The Environment
4. The Race
5. Terpenes
6. African Queen
7. Ganja Game Dub
8. Lightning & Thunder
9. Nah Stop Hustle
10. Chalice Remix (Dj Drez)
11. Sensimilla Dub
12. CBD
13. Sativa
14. Mother Earth
15. Dispensary Dub
16. Roots & Culture
17. Hybrid Farm Dub
18. Run-A-Verse ft JahDan Blakkamoore
19. Suriname Dub
20. Pay Dem Nuh Mind
21. Ganja Boat “Grade-O”
22. Reefer Blues
23. People & Power

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sarge OneWise at One Wise Studios
All songs written by Winstrong

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New Release

Myka 9 – Upliftment [New Single]

The legendary Myka 9 produces another heavy single for his
Magic Heart Genie partner and owner of Humboldt County, CA
based label -One Wise Studios.

“Upliftment” is what we need right now and this timely single
is a true banger. The single melds a classic hip hop break with
the orchestration of guitarist/composer Derek Armstrong. An
ensemble of horns and distorted guitars appear tastefully
throughout the arrangement of bumping 808 drums. This single
weighs in at 5min and 32 secs. Be prepared to hear the soul
and humanitarian side, with Myka 9 sharing his message of love
and political observations all wrapped up in his incredible
lyrical patterns and cadences. Dj Zole seals up the finishing
touches on this new single from Hip Hop pioneer Myka 9.

“Uplfitment” ft. Dj Zole & Derek Armstrong
Release Date: April 17, 2020
Mixed by JtheSarge at One Wise Studios
Production by Derek Armstrong, Timo, Myka 9 & Sarge
Mastered by Loud City
One Wise Studios 2020
Music Video on iTunes, Vevo and Youtube


New Release

One Wise & Satori Link Up to Bring You the “Herb Vendor” Mix!

Just in time for Emerald Cup 2019! Mixed by Azad & Sarge OneWise. Download the Satori Highgrade Blend Volume 10 “Herb Vendor” mix today on Soundcloud. Ark Front Cover

Track List:

01. Arkaingelle – Intro
02. Delroy Melody – I Man Feel Irie
03. Danny Dread – Sensi Nice
04. Arkaingelle – Iyah Burn (Satori Dubplate)
05. Marlon Asher – Ganja Farmer (Satori Dubplate)
06. Cocoa Tea – Herb In My Garden
07. Bunny Wailer – Collie Man
08. Wailing Souls – Ishen Tree
09. Josey Wales – Stalk of Sensimillia
10. Mighty Diamonds – Pass The Kutchie (Satori Dubplate)
11. Mighty Diamonds – Why My Good Brother Why (Satori Dubplate)
12. Peter Broggs – International Farmer
13. Carlton Livingston – Hundred Pounds of Collie
14. Raymond Naphtali – Gimmie Gimmie Sensimillia
15. Sammy Dread – Wrap Up A Draw
16. Chino – Big Spliff (One Wise Dubplate)
17. Lutan Fyah – Boom Draw (Satori Dubplate)
18. Duane Stephenson & Lutan Fyah – Empress Sativa
19. Lutan Fyah – Legalize The Herbs
20. Marlon Asher – Through My Window
21. Marlon Asher –  Cross The Border
22. Prince Levy – London Bridge (Satori Dubplate)
23. Jah Cure ft. Damian Jr. Gong Marley – Marijuana
24. Arkaingelle & Winstrong – Herbalist (Satori Dubplate)
25. Pressure – Sensi
26. Akae Beka – Joy To Manifest
27. Perfect – Herb Field
28. Marlon Asher- Man A Blaze
29. Ras Fraser Jr.- Burn It
30. Delly Ranx – Weedman Celebration
31. Medication – Damian Jr. Gong Marley – ft. Stephen Marley
32. Soul Rebel Project & Green Lion Crew – Medi ft. Lion Fiyah
33. Macka B – Natural Herb
34. Lion D & Raphael – Ganja Capital
35. Arkaingelle – Artform Riddim Outro